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Or resolve to join a meetup group for an activity your interested in.

How can you become the type of person you want to meet? I personally needed to work through some hurts and hangups, including limiting core beliefs about myself, before I was ready to be in a relationship with the woman who is now my wife.

It doesn't satisfy the same desire, and lacking it doesn't create the same insecurities.

The recommendations for loneliness will work, for a while. Single people are not looking for someone to complete us. If this article doesn't apply to you, that's fine, but that doesn't mean it doesn't apply to other people. But you're free to discount the advice--without necessarily declaring it useless to all people--if you don't think it's relevant to you. First of all, not everyone who is signle has Asperger's, so putting the two together is a flaw. Advice such as calling up old friends for social connections is the dumbest ever because they always wonder why you don't have a life and have to connect with them after all these years.Plus, all the advice about social connections are downright insulting and plain wrong. My guess is people giving advice haven't experienced the consequences of any of their advice. It was worse when my good friends from college started getting married. You’re tired of living alone, killing any sense of belonging you may have felt. I hated finishing work and going home to an empty apartment. Please raise your hand if you’re tired of being single.I'm not any happier, but I am slightly less miserable some of the time.

I'm able to sustain other meaningful relationships, but a romantic relationship isn't really the same as a friendship, is it?For example, if you want to be with someone fun, smart, and compassionate. I personally sought counseling and participated in men's growth groups at my church to heal those hurts and hangups. Improve Your Social Skills Dan Wendler, an Asperger young man, struggled with loneliness growing up.As I worked through a lot of my personal pain, I became more able to accept myself and to give and receive love. When he learned about Asperger syndrome, he embarked on a disciplined study of conversation, body language, and communication.I'm sorry to hear that these steps didn't help you very much.As for the assumption that single people are looking for people to complete them, I think that would apply more to a single person who is tired of being single and therefore has this assumption.As you do so, you'll feel more connected and less isolated. Parents with kids often don't have the time or the money.