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Sherlock says it’s a flimper trick used by pickpockets.The poisoning and threats were to allow the robbery.

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He wonders why he doesn’t want to share with Fiona.

He says he had one romance in his life and that was with Irene.

As the name suggests, there are photos of smiling teens and silly selfies.

But for every innocent teen image, there are four or five explicit and pornographic photos and a stream of requests that invite strangers to connect and rate photos, comments that bully and belittle, and posts that share personal information and welcome members to contact and “friend” each other.

Sherlock says the key cards match ones he found in Lukic’s hotel room. Sherlock says the cards are marked with the letters IAO from a secretive internet group and the seven people that met might be the leaders of the group. Joan says she thought it would be spies or assassins not tech support. He says he was at his hotel when the restaurant was broken into. Dalal says these are just the first line of defense and there are redundancies. Marcus asks Joan to take care of it while he and Sherlock deal with an old case. It’s an anonymous type message that says Wall Street is next and they can’t be stopped. They go to the stock exchange to meet with a liaison there.

Sherlock says taking these people out is major since they control core security for the whole internet. He says he sees no plan that would benefit from killing his friends. Marcus says he talks to Cruz and he admitted it but was being pressured to lie on the stand. She says they get threats all the time but most are fake.

The defense attorney is grilling him about Samuel Cruz, a witness. He says it will take time to figure out what type of snake it is.

Marcus leaves court and the prosecutor approaches him. Sherlock is video chatting with Fiona from Philadelphia. Venom for seven Sherlock goes sniffing around and says the foie gras has snake venom in it. He says the chef usually doesn’t share it with them so no one knows his special recipe. Gregson says they don’t know who ate it yet then gets a message about another victim named Tate Orvis and he died. Daniel Lukic is the name Gregson couldn’t find but Sherlock says he’s a Serbian national on vacation this week.

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She says people here like cheeseteak too much but she likes the river. She asks him to come meet her in New Jersey halfway. Sherlock and Joan meet Gregson at the scene of the chef death with bleeding eyes. Sherlock says there is fiberglass there to create small cuts in the mouth so the snake venom could be absorbed. He says it’s stored in the prep fridge and he makes it himself at night. Hidden things Sherlock meets Marcus at Lukic’s hotel room.