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Also, cutting folk will leave us with too few ppl for troop sharing. We r invite only, but if u find us n request 2 join...we'll getcha in. If you have been accused of internet luring or enticement of a child, you have the right to fight the charges. Perhaps more importantly, our top criminal defense attorney is a former senior prosecutor who knows how district attorneys handle these cases.Call us at 303-872-4719 in the Greater Denver area or toll free at 888-725-2609 across Colorado for an initial consultation at reduced rates.In Colorado, internet luring of a child generally occurs where a person knowingly communicates over a computer network to a person who the actor knows or believes to be under 15 years of age, and in that communication describes explicit sexual conduct, and in connection with the communication makes a statement persuading the underage person to meet the actor, and the actor is more than four years older than the underage person.In addition ASACP, in conjunction with Industry leaders, has developed these recommended Best Practices and is pleased to share them with you for use as a basis for your own procedures.

ASACP makes no claim that these Best Practices will meet legal standards and we recommend that you consult with an attorney.

C., we have more than 50 years of combined legal experience that we will use in your defense.

That knowledge allows us to create effective strategies ranging from negotiation to courtroom battles.

If convicted of internet luring of a child or enticement of a child, the person is exposed to the Lifetime Supervision of Sex Offenders Act, which imposes an indeterminate sentence with a maximum possible sentence of life imprisonment.

A person who is convicted of a class 4 felony internet luring of a child or enticement of a child could receive the following sentence: (1) probation of a minimum ten10 years to as much as the person's natural life, with a possible jail sentence as a condition of probation of up to 90 days, or up to a two-year work release sentence as a condition of probation, or (2) a sentence to the department of corrections with a bottom range two to six years, but as much as the person's natural life, with a mandatory parole period of three years to life.

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