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Many of the articles and posts covering this issue point out that the ACLU also supports and encourages the filming of police by citizens through our Mobile Justice app, including the DC version thereof—and suggest this is a contradiction.

A typical post, for example, says, “This one seems a bit hypocritical to us. are pushing a mobile app encouraging people to record the police...

What gets published on TV typically will be a small fraction of what's filmed.

Police wouldn't get to see the rest without a court order.

That will make them vulnerable to police intimidation.

(The same goes for extra-judicial intimidation.] Covering your face isn't just about the cold, I would encourage people who have little experience in the streets to mask up. Do bring three days of any other prescribed medications in original containers with full instructions. Standard Disclaimer: None of the above is written by a lawyer, and frankly if you get legal advice from strangers in forums...

A lot of social media activity has come to our attention questioning why the DC police have been instructed NOT to turn their body cameras on during the president’s inauguration and the following day’s “Million Women March.” Many people seem puzzled by this.

“ACLU Demands That Body Cams Are Turned Off During Inauguration While They Intend To Record Police” proclaims the headline of one widely circulated post, on a site called “Law Officer” (and seemingly based upon this local story by the NBC DC affiliate). True, the ACLU of DC supported and encouraged adoption of that law, but the wider District of Columbia community as represented by its city council agreed with us.If cameras alone could solve police accountability then Rodney King would have a Nobel Peace prize and none of us would know the names of Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Walter Scott, or Laquan Mc Donald.Did you have a more in-depth explanation than "I think"?*** Oh and wear sunscreen, NEVER contacts, and remember to respect your body and personal limits. I would suggest - in the politest terms possible of course - that any errors or details omitted in my explanation are not your biggest problem.Be prepared for an arrest even if you don't want one to happen. Philip De Franco said it best - what's to stop the protestors from abusing this uneven setup and instigating a situation before officers have a chance to turn their body cams on, then using the power of editing to make themselves look like the victims once and if the police respond?Even if intel gathering were not the intent at the time that video was collected, there would remain the possibility that police at some later date would be tempted to run face recognition on that footage, or use it for other, nebulous “intelligence” purposes (a word that in the police context is directly connected to a long history of surveillance and other abuses).