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The Apple Caramel has essentially the same topping as the ringed Caramel Vanilla, only this time an ample wad of apple pie filling provides a much-needed flavor boost.

And most important of all, like I said earlier they're completely devoid of trans-fats.Oh, and I almost forgot their new line of Cinnamon Rolls, which are even more impressive in terms of caloric content and fat profile: It's almost like they're good for you.Box #1 contains Boston Crème Cookie Crumb, Coconut Creme Pie, Apple Caramel and Raspberry Crumb.The Boston Creme tastes every bit as rich and creamy as standard Pop-Donut issue, and the cookie crumbs on top taste like an oreo-ice cream cone hybird – really one of the more intersting Donuts I’ve tasted. first approached me about trying their groundbreaking low-fat, trans fat-free gourmet Donuts, I was a little skeptical.

Over the years, Blognut's palette, and hopefully my arteries, have grown accustomed to the addictive satisfaction of nutrionally-useless partially-hydrogenated oil, and the idea of a so-called "healthy" Donut seemed completely oxymoronic.

But even more beneficial to Holey's growing popularity was their glowing endorsement from the Food Network's Rachael Ray, who in her monthly magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, was quoted as saying "Okay, full disclosure: I like Holey Donuts so much that I invested in the company.

They're sinfully tasty and lower in fat and calories than regular doughnuts. " Now this guy Frank has got to be some kind of a marketing genius.

But I have to ask, is there anyway you can stop using so much packaging material?

If you keep this up, they’ll have to designate a special Holey Donuts!

But healthy or not, Blognut can't refuse complimentary Donuts, and before I knew it, four dozen Holey Donuts!