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Teens, unlike children, are smart enough to know when they’re being duped by authority figures.

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Meanwhile, New Jersey and Vermont require both sex ed 🍆🍆🍆 Something else that happens when you get teens and young adults to use condoms and have safer sex is the spread of sexually transmitted disease starts to slow down. However, since chlamydia is spread during sex—unprotected sex—an increase in adolescent condom use can’t be discounted.

The term we should be using, he said, is “evidence-based.” The name comes from the federal government’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention initiative, and simply refers to a lesson plan that is evidenced to actually change teen behavior.

Listed below is a list of the state by state sexual harassment training requirements, as well as the Open Sesame courses you can use to satisfy those requirements.

For states without specific requirements, any Open Sesame course on sexual harassment should meet your training needs.

Training is also required by all public employers regardless of the number of employees. AB 2053 adds abusive conduct, or bullying, to the training requirement.

All employers with fifty or more employees must provide two hours of sexual harassment training for supervisors within six months of the start of each supervisor's employment.

But how does this flawed system impact actual teens, beyond the trauma of hearing your gym teacher discuss genital warts?

Curious whether there might be a correlation between what’s taught and teen birth and STD rates, I First off, sex education in this country is wildly inconsistent.

Sexual Harassment Training Requirements by State Employers with fifty or more employees must provide two hours of mandatory sexual harassment training to supervisors within 6 months of becoming a supervisor, and at least once every two years. Gov Code §12950 to "also include prevention of abusive conduct as a component of the training and education..."Provide two hours of interactive training, which also addresses other types of harassment, to employees in supervisory roles every two years.

There is no requirement that all fifty employees or contractors work at the same location or all in California. Training must also include remedies available to victims and must include practical examples illustrating harassment.

As you can see, states like Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas don’t require sex ed, and—surprise! It’s also the most common STD spread among adolescents.