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The form is appreciated for its simplicity and durability.

THIS WEBSITE gives the following information concerning Feinberg: “Lawrence Feinberg was originally on the path to becoming a chemical engineer, but changed direction and followed his passion for papyrology.Mastering Greek, Latin, Egyptian, and various Semitic languages, he received his Master’s Degree from Columbia University in 1967.Tracing the history of Coptic Bookbinding from early uses through modern applications can help illuminate its relation to advancements in the technology of the book.The transition from scroll to binding was a long one, but it is connected to the spread of Christianity.In Sixth through Ninth-century Europe, manuscripts were written on parchment and vellum, rather than the papyrus of eastern Egyptian Christian tradition.

Since vellum and parchment are prone to curling, heavier wood boards replaced leather flaps as the binding of choice (Fig.The details of this auction can be found on their website (HERE, HERE, or HERE).From the information supplied by Christie’s, I was able to infer that the manuscripts on sale belonged to Lawrence Feinberg, an American collector who died in 2009.The cover would be attached after the pages were sewn, protecting the front and back of the book, while leaving the spine exposed (Fig. The pages could then be opened completely flat (Fig 1.3).The Copts were known to use pasteboard (made from papyrus) or lush, red leather as cover materials (Peterson, 41-46).Continue reading During a recent meeting, Stephen Emmel drew my attention to an article published by John Lawrence Sharpe in the proceedings of the International Conference on Conservation and Restoration of Archive and Library Materials, Erice, April 22nd-29th 1996.[1] In his paper, … Fragments of a Sahidic Codex of the Apocryphal Acts of the Apostles My new article, which concerns three fragments from a Sahidic manuscript containing the Apocryphal Acts of the apostles, appeared a few days ago in the latest issue …