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Overall, this research concluded that text messaging has vastly influenced social behavior and communication.

Every participant in the study uses texting as a tool to maintain their relationships, whether to stay in contact or express emotions.

While texting enables romantic partners to develop and maintain their relationships, it also may create a potential strain.

As participants noted, once a connection is established, additional forms of communication are introduced.However, while texting is an ideal way to express quick bytes of information or arrange face-to-face meetings, participants are well aware of the dangers of placing too high of an emphasis on texting.Text messages are also not necessarily true reflections of users' instinctive thoughts.As discussed by participants, messages are often edited, re-read, and even written by other people, which supports Berger and Calebrese's principle that people can reduce uncertainty using active strategies.Across the board, texting was discussed as a quick, easy, and convenient way to get a message across.

One participant noted that it allows him to multi-task, or communicate with his partner while engaging in other activities.

There is minimal academic research focusing on the effects of texting on social behavior, communication and romantic relationships.

Existing research surrounding this medium has included the use of texting in workplace and organizational settings or the sociolinguistic effects of the text message.

Text messaging is one of the foremost means of communication in today's society and has become a primary medium used in romantic and sexual correspondence.

As a result, texting has nearly obscured earlier forms of relational communication, such as the written word.

Another claimed that it was ideal for making plans, since a text message provides documentation of an address or directions to a location.