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If you love the Housewives you need to listen to Ronnie and Ben dahlings! Not waste their time learning about something they think they should do, but actually devote their time, and our money, to studying something they are passionate about.

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Adam Jones spoke with reporters the other day about the Baltimore Orioles' moves this winter, and he mentioned that he wants to see the team field better outfield defense."We don't need more power. I think we've got some [darn] good pitchers right now. [Kevin] Gausman turned the page, [Dylan] Bundy increased his innings, so I think we've got pretty good starting pitching.

I think we need to improve the outfield defense," Jones said."People want to say always pitching, pitching, pitching.

When I got into dance more seriously I wanted to be a professional dancer, and then after taking an advanced Bio class in high school I thought, for a hot second, that I wanted to be a doctor.

I went to college and didn't declare a major until junior year.

I have been lucky enough to be a stay at home mom for the past 6.5 years, and wouldn't change that for the world. I love being CEO of our family (hubs is CFO fo sho) and taking care of my girls and my husband. But along with all my family CEO duties, I need to have a creative outlet or I will go bonkers. I need to draw, or paint, or take photos, or make movies, make dolls, or bake and decorate cakes or arrange flowers... Every penny I made went back into Gap, dinners at the Cheesecake Factory next-door to Gap or to cab rides home.

I need to have my creative juices flowing and pumping and get my hands dirty. 1998 (fall) - Walt Disney World College Program - I worked on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

And in a lot of games, Mark Trumbo was the right fielder and Hyun Soo Kim was the left fielder.

Collectively, the Orioles' outfielders ranked dead last among the 30 team sets in defensive runs saved.

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2000 - I take the worst job of my life, which required me to be at work at 5 AM (not ideal for a 22 year old who liked to go out all the time) sit at a desk in a hotel lobby and pressure people into taking a tour of a timeshare. 2001- I take the second worst job of my life, which required me to sit at a desk at a staffing agency and lie to people on the phone about my company having jobs they were perfect for, and then scheduling these poor desperate souls to come in for interviews..yes there were a handful of people who screamed at me for lying to them on the phone. 2005 - After many successful jewelry shows, I quit my job for jerks and go out on the road full time selling my jewelry. Mom aka CEO of household, cook, housekeeper, doer of laundry, chauffeur, teacher, to name a few of my daily hats I wear. Who might open up an Etsy store and sell some of the things she has made over the past few months.