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The ones that are in this tier by economic status will not be as easy to crack.

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In the latter case, the girls who’ve moved from Tiers I-IV to Tier V project amazing confidence and might even intimidate you. For some reason only known to Satan they have kept their insecurities deep within.It might take you longer to crack them, but you will nonetheless do so.They often know at least two or three languages, are cocky, think they know it all, and think they are hot, but worst of all they know their value is high.If you are a fairly good looking fellow and are foreign you will be immediately accepted into this Tier, but need to be in the right place at the right time.They will be part of the ruling class of the country in a few years and are absolutely out of your league unless you belong to the equivalent social class in your home country, which I highly doubt.

These are girls who are here by economic status and for sheer beauty.

Tier II girls usually have some sort of education, probably of the technical kind, with low enough resources that she won’t be worried more about fucking than about surviving. The next type of girl is a very interesting kind, and the type of girls you will see most of the time. This is spot on, and it is important to understand that Tier III girls are divided into two bunches, the ones that have traveled and the ones who haven’t. For some reason she may think that her very limited traveling experience makes her better than the untraveled Tier III, so she may try to display some sort of cockiness.

Remember these girls have been brought up in comfortable households, went to private schools, were fairly well educated, and might have the wrong idea that what they have to say actually matters. Display all of your traveling experience, professional and linguistic abilities.

There’s no culture specific trick to breaking them does simply do what you normally do and understand that it may take a few extra minutes in the end, Colombian girls want to fuck just as bad as any other girl, especially when they’re in your bedroom” (Roosh, page 44).

It is important to understand that Colombia is a De Jure catholic country, however De Facto it is pretty secular.

When it’s time to approach, locate your target, such as a group of girls sitting at the pub. Sit by the girls and start a conversation with your wingman in your native language.