Dating someone not affectionate

Giving him love and affection might give him a reason to do the same but it will take time as it is something he has not experienced before.

I don't understand because when will get into arguments he is the coldess person ever saying very harsh things to me. Right now he is ignoring me as if he found me cheating or i bashed his window in or something. I wanted us to work it out MAYBE or at least be cool with each other but he's ignoring me. Communication with your partner is easier once you have dated for a while and you have both learned more about each other.He will realise what type of person you are and what you need out of a relationship and the same goes for you.A boyfriend that has come from a family that was not affectionate might not know how to be affectionate now.

This type of relationship could take forever and a day for you to show him how to be affectionate and it is often difficult for guys to open up and show emotion if they have a "cold" background.

This is because boys growing up with sisters have learned that women need affection and they have probably heard their sisters give reasons why their dates didn't work.

Men who have sisters are more in tune with women's emotions as they got to experience the tears, got forced to listen to love stories and tales of broken hearts by their siblings.

It does not mean that you are not loved and I am sure that at times you also tend to get irritated or annoyed but being comfortable is a good sign and all you need to do is reignite the spark by taking on new adventures or going out a little more in order to feel something again.

Some families are close and full of love and affection where others had no need to show their love.

When people are comfortable in a relationship they tend not to do things to impress their partners as they already have them close.