Did kim kardashian really dating shango

What’s your take on the relationship now that you’ve seen what went down in New York?

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And he was open to spending more quality time with each other during their last days in NYC. The two have an awkward dinner date where Kim realizes they have nothing to talk about.

Then, she ditches a workout after Kris gave her some ribbing about her lack of enthusiasm. “You don’t think I feel embarrassed that I fell in love and I really thought I was and I look back now and it's not what I want,” Kim goes on to tell her sister. ” PHOTOS: 2011's Biggest Rule-Breakers: Kim Kardashian, Netflix's Reed Hastings, Chuck Lorre and Ashton Kutcher Trying to calm her down, Khloe says, “You got caught up in your fairy tale.

He then appeared as Kim’s love interest in a September 2010 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and an October 2010 episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

“In my eyes, I was happily married to Shengo when he and Kim met,” Zuzana told Star.

I think she was a bit too trusting and impulsive — and Shengo saw her as the golden ticket to fame.” [From Star via Hollywood Life] I would say that if this guy wasn’t legally unavailable Kim would have married him, thrown a fairy tale wedding, and ditched him later. Even if this is true and the guy was a total ass, she chose to marry him and that’s on her. reality darling will be seen “as the victim, and Kris will definitely be the bad guy.

Kim was stunned by the amount of bad press and the public relations nightmare she has endured since deciding to file for divorce,” a source close to the situation tells Radar

“Kim carefully and methodically plans all of her business decisions, and that is how she is looking at her divorce, as all business.

Of course she is sad, but it’s all about Kim’s endorsement deals and paid promotional appearances.

Zuzana Deane is accusing Kim of stealing her husband, Shengo Deane, Star magazine reports.

Kim was introduced to Shengo in April of 2010, while he was her bodyguard in Australia.

“Kim will be using the show to attempt to rehab her image.