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This often leads to the extraverted perceivers making some people very angry, and the ENFP has learned to always wear a box of glitter to throw over the person(s) who they pissed off because they want them to feel a little bit better after ruin their day at the same time as they give them a huge surprise so the squad can run away, and also: GLITTER(!

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It might be worthwhile to check in with her when you feel yourself being insincere–ask how she feels about things, about the way you two communicate, and really listen to what she says.Then try to incorporate her comments into the way you interact in the future.Also, try to do a mental check when the two of you are talking and make sure you’re not saying things just to impress her OR make yourself seem nicer or whatever.Tact is, of course, important, so there’s no harm in softening comments or criticisms so they’re more appropriate and friendly–but you shouldn’t feel like you can’t share your genuine thoughts and opinions with people you care about.When not used effectively, Fe can come across as (or in fact be) insincere; it can be more interested in impressing someone or getting them to like you than in being genuinely personable, giving, and generous.

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