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However, there is an easy way to keep the same link for the shared file.

The Manage versions feature is only available when you access your Google Drive account in a browser.

If you work on a shared file directly in the Google Drive folder on your PC using the Google Drive desktop app, the file is also changed in your Google Drive account online without needing to upload it again.

Google Drive desktop client seems to only sync newly created files and not giving any notification at all that there is a modified version, it will never sync it, even though going online and opening that file will show the modified version. and the answer has nothing to do with proxy or firewall configurations. Google Drive works similar when dealing with non-google-doc files.

However, for google doc files, it only stores a link to the google doc on web.

For instance, if you have a video file in Drive that you would like to replace with a GIF animation of smaller file size, the Things are a bit easier for Dropbox users.

If you would like to update a shared file in Dropbox but without changing the link, simply upload the new version of the file in the same Dropbox folder.

Dropbox is really good at noticing when a checksum for a file is changed, and syncing it.

Google Drive's desktop client seems not to do this at all.

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There are some files that do appear on the Google Drive in the browser but do not appear on Google Drive for desktop. I have tried rebooting my computer but some files will not sync.

It all assumes you are using Google Docs on the web.