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A small warning: Microsoft may be scrapping this ultra-convenient feature in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.In the latest Insider Preview build (Build 14342), you can no longer schedule restarts.Windows 10 automatically checks for, downloads and installs new updates to your PC -- whether you like it or not.

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That's probably why Microsoft has -- controversially -- decided to make Windows 10 an automatically-updating OS.

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I need to quickly reboot the machine and I forgot to click the fly out window that allows the system to shut down without installing updates. Is there anything I can do to cancel the updates and shutdown quickly?

Yes, If you rename or remove C:\Windows\Win Sx S\file, you could postpone update to next reboot. It may require changing the permissions and ownership of the file.

Instead, you have the option to set up "active hours" -- a 10-hour time period during which your computer will not be restarted.