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Science of dining out: If I want to go dine out to for example an Italian place, something about pasta and bread just doesn’t seem to fit with the whole “fit diet” thing (at least when it’s not a designated cheat day).

So I thought, let’s talk for a second about what it’s like to date a gym rat. Really, sometimes it feels like I am dating an alien, with all these questions I get…He can still eat out on regular days, he just prefers restaurants with fewer temptations and more options for low carbs and high protein.Healthy dining options that we like are steak houses like Carnal in Maastricht.It prevents me from snacking on bad stuff at work for instance. In the car, in the kitchen, at his work, and maybe even in his gym bag sometimes.

Also, we almost always have prepared food at home, so no excuses for ordering pizza when I don’t feel like cooking. This is because he is toting around 2-3 Tupperware containers on a daily basis. ever (exception: if we get visitors, then I go nuts in the snacks section at the supermarket haha).

The amount of time this can take can vary by his method of cooking and how many days in advance he cooks.

There will be lots of rice, chicken, and veggies accompanied with herbs and in Ricardo’s case sambal & peppers. But no eating yet, just stuffing it into Tupperware boxes.

In the beginning I thought all those mean looking pots and boxes where a little bit strange, however, if you learn more about the fit lifestyle, it makes sense.

You simply cannot eat the amounts of food that have the same nutritional values that go into these supplements.

I’ve been lucky enough to have found a boyfriend that is very dedicated – not only to me, but mostly to the gym, being fit and living a healthy lifestyle! I noticed that timing meals, and spreading food intake over the day, are usefull when you want to bring down candy cravings. Depending on his program, he may or may not have one once a week.