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The games that girls and boys play teach them rules about communication and shape their attitudes.The following points are from Wood (1998) and are about the rules that boys learn plays games with more formal structures and how those attitudes develop and are reflected in their adult lives. Introduction "How does our self esteem affect interpersonal communication?

The right hemisphere of the brain is engaged by visual stimuli (Battelli, Pascual-Leone and Cavanagh, 2007).This suggests that females respond better to diagrams and pictures.If a person approves (or likes) of themselves and their attributes, then they will have high self esteem, and therefore if a person disapproves (or dislikes) of themselves and their attributes that they believe they possess, then they in return will have low self esteem.We are not born with self esteem; it is constructed through our upbringing and past experiences. It can rise and fall depending on circumstances, although in general people tend to have either high or low self esteem, it is difficult to change.The left of right hemisphere domination in males and females cause people to think and ask differently.

This is especially true for communication due to the difference in response cues.

We are not human if we do not, at some point in our lives suffer from low self esteem.

However, there are some people who constantly suffer from it.

Our self esteem is one of the main elements of our inner being, and therefore directly affects our communication with others, and how we process their feedback towards us (see appendix 1).

It is a major factor of the individual person we are.

Another difference between men and women is their attitudes towards communication.