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Sure, people whose beliefs differ too much from yours aren’t going to be good matches for you anyway.


I’ve run across a few articles, written by single scientists, on how to date a scientist.

Most of the advice was good; however, several of them went askew by warning that they, as scientists with Ph Ds, would exercise their right to be arrogant know-it-alls.

The problem is, no matter what you believe, there are others – including other smart people – who disagree. But there’s a difference between standing by your beliefs and looking down on others for theirs.

If you’re an Intellectual Badass and you want to succeed at dating, you must keep an eye on your social skills.

After years of bio classes in college, I knew about the number of ATPs the cycle generated.

High on his new knowledge, this guy argued with me, insisting on the ATP number he’d learned in class.

Welcome to Day 10 of 30 Days of Dating Advice for Intellectual Badasses!

If you’re just joining us or you want a recap of everything we’ve covered so far, I’ve created a summary page with a menu of everything we’ve discussed so far.

And part of social skills is knowing how to be smart, even brilliant, without coming off like a condescending ass-munch.

Many IBs have no problem with this; but others struggle.

And one way to accomplish this is to acknowledge them. When you’re chatting with that cute girl or guy, or sitting on a coffee meet-and-greet with some stranger you met online, look for ways to acknowledge them, to show them you can see what makes them interesting or special.