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Decide on food items like fruit slices, chicken fingers, cheese, crackers, and a beverage, preferably something with sparkling bubbles like wine, champagne, or something non-alcoholic if you’re driving to the picnic spot. It’s a break from your usual dating routine, guaranteed alone time with your partner, Create a relaxed atmosphere to re-ignite your romance, Strengthen your “you-and-me-identity.” Impress him with your culinary skills Romantic picnic ideas: Kissing Cards Game: Playing cards is a fun pass time.

Planning a picnic for a loved one can be the most romantic time ever spent together.With the warmer weather approaching now is the perfect time to think about a romantic picnic with that special person in your life.Did your heart miss a beat when he said the three magical words to you?Did you jump with joy when he proposed you in front of all your family and friends?Take the puzzle apart, and bring it along on the picnic.

Put the puzzle together on the picnic, to reveal the secret love note to your sweetheart.You wish to celebrate valentine’s every day as your love tends to grow more and more for that one person.To express all your feelings to that one man with whom you are in serious relationship, Valentine’s Day is the best choice.Surprise party If your man is the party type, simply call his friends and associates for a party night.Make him understand how much you value his personal space and to what extend you can go to make him happy.Play any card game you like such as poker or crazy eights. Love Puzzle Purchase a puzzle that has about 100 pieces so that is will be fairly easy to put together.