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With this declaration, he dispatched both the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to assist the city.

Debris removal, law enforcement, damage assessment, and other physical assistance were offered by the governor.

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Governor Rod Blagojevich declared Mc Henry, Lake, Cook (including Chicago), Du Page, and Kane counties to be disaster areas after the storm.

Flooding across northern Illinois was widespread in the aftermath of the storms.

Cool Canadian air clashed with large quantities of warm moist air from the Gulf, producing torrential rains along a stationary front.

Eighteen deaths across the central United States were attributed to the resulting flooding.

With the boat, preservationists were able to enter the house and move vulnerable furnishings to higher locations within the home.

Water rose to within a foot of the Farnsworth House's raised platform, covering the terrace in front of the home, but the river crested before any damage occurred.Some parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa saw moderate to heavy rain for nearly a full day before the activity finally cleared out.Additional thunderstorms formed over these areas on Sunday, August 19, exacerbating the flooding problems.A small tornado was reported in Bolingbrook in a Du Page County Forest Preserve.The storms shut down airports (including O'Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport), uprooted trees and left over 600,000 residents in northern Illinois without power, some for several days.On their debut LP coming out on new Chicago imprint Under Road Records, Mullenhour hollers her way through a filthy, living, breathing, kidnapping, dead body finding love story backed by Paige Sandlin’s animal drums kicking through the fog and fury of guitar wars.