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The very first page of the initial complaint, filed on Ms. Santucci, tends to highlight the essence of the suit.

"Defendant maintains an adult website which contains content which constitutes public disclosure of embarrassing private facts." What constitutes private is the crux of the matter.

"Happiness does not depend on circumstances or men! Carey said in a telephone interview with for this article. Carey also plans to contest the jurisdiction as well. He was surprisingly unaware of the battery charge contained in the original filing, and was not sure how far Ms. Max took great pains to ensure that everything communicated to me was within keeping with the stipulations outlined in the court order, and would not say anything on record that could be considered a violation.

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The court order demands the removal of any reference to Ms. What makes the case so interesting is that both parties use their real names as brand extensions to sell themselves and related products, essentially presenting themselves as public figures, particularly relevant to the legal aspects pertaining to privacy.And to an extent muddying the waters as to whether the alleged transgressions pertain to commercial speech or not.Johnsons defense, pre-teen girls are its intended target."Obscene things being said in the name of the flag Should make most people want to GAG!Both parties attended law school, both have authored books and both rely on their looks to promote their image.

Both have appeared on different programs on MTV, and both are lightning rods for controversy.

Hes still an arrogant asshole with a drinking problem and ego issues, but hes the first to admit it, particularly since its the winning formula upon which his never-ending adolescent public persona is constructed. "Im writing about events and things that happen in my life, and have made no money off one individual person. If there is a preponderance of sex and alcohol in his stories, it because hes constantly getting drunk and constantly getting laid.

That doesnt make him a pornographer any more than an honest account of the Monica Lewinsky affair in the memoirs of Bill Clinton would make the former President one. If he treats women like shit, (and he does) its because he treats everyone like shit. If the spotlight is not shining directly upon me, I feel small inside," there are messages on Ms.

Youve perhaps had one too many drinks; youve gone home with someone you might not have otherwise, and then suddenly one morning you wake up and every single sordid detail you dreaded would ever be revealed anywhere ever, has been published on a web site alongside your image, exposing your weaknesses and flaws for the whole world to see. On May 6, 2003, a Palm Beach, Florida judge for the Fifteenth Circuit, Diana Lewis, issued a temporary injunction that was the legal equivalent of shoving the constitution as far up her ass as physically possible.

When Katy Johnson, a former Miss Vermont and Miss Vermont USA in 19 respectively, experienced this horror following an extended encounter with a notorious writer with a pretty decent memory and a remarkable ability to recollect every nuance, if not tongue stroke, she did what any red-blooded American would do. The order contained -- among other constitutionally precarious items -- a prior restraint so broad and ill-considered it is almost certain to be reversed.

Santucci, had been circulated, hailing the restraining order a "victory" that "should send a clear message to all parasitic smut peddlers who live off the good names of others." An article in The New York Times this week called him a cad, she a beauty queen.