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However, smoking isn't just a personal bad habit - it's a health issue for those around him as well.

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Yeah, Ali, that's why I said smoking is pretty much a deal breaker. I can't stand alcohol, i hate the smell, the taste, being around people who are drunk but i wouldn't not have someone in my life just because they did like to have a drink. And it made my favorite warm--but cute--sweater smell like smoke.

And in the morning his breath was so foul I just told him he cannot be anywhere near me until he does a thorough teeth brushing and mouthwash! I quit smoking when I met my boyfriend, and it is one of the best things I have ever done.

I have a friend who has a guy interested in her who's a smoker, and she said that she's not sure she could stand kissing someone who smokes, and the health risk, the smell, etc. Oh and I wouldn't want to have to wait inside somewhere by myself while he was outside smoking. My boyfriend started out as a smoker, but once he noticed how much I disliked the fact that he smoked, he quit--and I didn't even say he should, nor did I ask him to or anything. Majority of guys in Korea smoke and I only have two Korean guy friends who don't. It kinda depends on the smoker and more specifically their smoking habits.

Im not sure what I would do if I were in that situation myself. The only way I'd date a smoker is if he never smoked around me. I'm not sure many guys would do that, but I think it's dumb to push someone aside just because he smokes. My boyfriend has made me happier than any guy I've been with before, and I would have regretted to lose the opportunity to be with him just because he smokes. I'm a lifelong non-smoker and I have dated smokers in the past and it can work but it is an issue.

if they hate being around smoke, then you will need to adopt some strategies, if they really don't mind it then perhaps you can carry on as normal.

If they don't like it then you will have to go outside to smoke, and remember even if they are someone who doesn't mind smoking, remember it is bad for your partners HEALTH so you should always smoke away from them anyhow.

I don't want to date someone I can look down on in any way.

I don't have a problem with my friends smoking and they can even do it in a car with me if they crack a window.

Often these two types of people won't mix, mainly because a non-smoker will hate being around the smell of smoke and won't want to get close to someone that does smoke.

Given this, it is interesting to consider things the other way round, as it can be difficult for a smoker with a conscious to be in a relationship with a non-smoker, too, aware as they are of the issues that may come from the other side. Well, it depends to a large extent on your partner...

I suppose I view anyone with an addiction as fundamentally weak, which is a horrible opinion to have, I know.