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Once again I face my old mantra: “year I’m going to start dating.”Before diving face first into the college dating pool, I wanted to know what the water is like.

I asked Mc Cormick freshman Tony Guzman and Weinberg freshman Justin Clarke about their initial impressions of the Northwestern dating scene.

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Says Tony, “We knew it would be a challenge, but it’s easier than we thought.”Okay, so the freshmen were no help.

I had been there and done that with the LDR (long distance relationship; best of luck to Tony but it wasn’t worth the “challenge” for me) and according to Justin all I could look forward to was the occasional mindless hookup.

January 28, 1851 the Illinois General Assembly granted a charter for the Trustees of Northwestern University, making it the first university established in Illinois.

John Evans, in whose honor was named the city of Evanston, bought 379 acres of land along Lake Michigan in 1853, and Philo Judson developed a plan for the construction of the city of Evanston.

“Northwestern students, on the one hand, want relationships; on the other hand, [they] are afraid of being hurt,” Dr. Despite this explanation, I refuse to give in to the “phenomenon.” I refuse to believe that our concept of dating includes a midnight invitation to the Keg, or that a relationship cannot exist unless it’s posted as an update to a Facebook page.

This is a college campus with over 8,000 attractive, intelligent students; dating exist in some form. Huang says, “theoretically speaking, college is the best time for people to find lifetime friends [and] lifetime partners […] if you have a large group of young men and women with similar IQs, with romance on their minds, and confine them within a couple of square miles for four years, natural things will happen.”I found my answer in Weinberg sophomore Rebecca Te Kolste, who agreed to testify on behalf of Northwestern’s dating population.

If it lasts more than six months, I figure that crosses the line into “long-term.” Dr.

Huang says that Northwestern students “conveniently” avoid dating by turning it into a stressful situation.

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