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The rule is subject to change, and in fact, a change is in the rulemaking process now, so it is important to periodically review the rule for updates.

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If a practitioner elects to use counterfeit-resistant prescription blanks, the following features must be present on the prescription blank: background color must be blue or green and resist reproduction; blank must be printed on watermarked paper; blank must resist erasures and alterations; and the word "void" or "illegal" must appear on any photocopy or other reproduction of the blank, but should not obstruct or render illegible any portion of the drug name, quantity or directions for use.The counterfeit-resistant prescription blank must contain the following information: preprinted name, address and category of professional licensure of the prescribing practitioner; space for the prescribing practitioner's federal DEA registration number for controlled substances.If a practitioner has preprinted prescription blanks that does not contain information required by this law, the information must be hand written on the prescription.Practitioners may use counterfeit-resistant prescription blanks when prescribing controlled substances in Schedule II, Schedule III, or Schedule IV.The counterfeit-resistant prescription blank is not transferable and shall not be used by any person other than the prescribing practitioner.

Section 456.43, Florida Statutes, outlines requirements for electronic prescribing software.

The legible prescription law requires that the prescription be legibly written or typed; that the quantity of the drug must be written in numerical and textual format; that the date of the prescription must be written in textual letters (e.g.

July 1, 2003); and that the practitioner must sign the prescription on the day it is issued.

It is important to understand that the Federal government, DEA, hospital bylaws, HIPAA, as well as other entities also have laws, rules and policies concerning prescribing and you should be familiar with those as well as the ones provided below.

This document is to aid in research regarding prescribing requirements in Florida and should not preclude practitioners from reading and becoming familiar with the actual laws and rules themselves.

The prescription signed by a PA must contain the following information in addition to those items required by the legible prescription law: the supervising physician's name, address, telephone number and the PA's prescribing number (assigned during the registration process).