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Working across pediatric, adolescent, adult and geriatric age groups, the team also conducts clinical research on vaccine candidates for Human Papillomavirus (HPV), tuberculosis (TB) and influenza.The site’s work is strongly rooted in the desire to improve health for their community, who actively support them.

The government, who sought to differentiate the white working class from the black, laid out new suburbs for the Burghers (Whites), Coolies (Indians), Malays (Coloureds) and Kaffirs (Africans), but the whole area simply stayed multiracial.

In April 1904 there was a bubonic plague scare in the shanty town area of Brickfields.

The town council decided to condemn the area and burn it down.

Beforehand most of the Africans living there were moved far out of town to the farm Klipspruit (later called Pimville), south-west of Johannesburg, where the council had erected iron barracks and a few triangular hutments. The fire brigade then set the 1600 shacks and shops in Brickfields alight. Pimville was next to Kliptown, the oldest Black residential district of Johannesburg and first laid out in 1891 on land which formed part of Klipspruit farm.

In a place like Soweto, South Africa, where one in three pregnant women lives with HIV, a person needs a different kind of conviction to dare to dream about ending the epidemic.

In the context of a difficult search that has been ongoing worldwide for at least 30 years, it takes an unusual team of local doctors, nurses, pharmacists, counsellors, data staff, quality controllers, administrators and communities to continue searching for solutions, one study volunteer at a time.

There were large quantities of clay, suitable for brickmaking, along the stream.

The government decided that more money was to be made from issuing brick maker's licences at five shillings per month.

The word “unwavering” probably best describes the team of dreamers and seekers that have found themselves patiently and passionately conducting HIV vaccine trials at the Vaccines Research Centre in Soweto.

The Soweto Clinical Research Site (CRS) has conducted vaccine trials for over a decade now, and has been pivotal to South African HIV vaccine development history.

The Soweto CRS is based at the Perinatal HIV Research Unit (PHRU), a renowned research organisation in South Africa committed to its motto, “Improving life through research”.