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The Soldier is usually considered the all-in-one trooper but he is slower than most other classes and is armed with a rocket launcher--a far cry from the universally effective assault rifles of most shooters.There are 9 classes available to both sides during play, and though their secondary weapons may coincide, no two classes have significantly overlapping niches.One man can certainly take all the points or steal the flag, but their job is made extremely difficult by the open layout of the maps and the variety of stalwart defense options the game has to offer against rushing.

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Other than these, the only thing that blows up are characters that get hit for massive damage.Valve saw the common shooter grenade as a barrier to effective teamwork during the development of Team Fortress.They have been criticized by the community ever since for doing so; some avid modders have even developed grenades for use in TF2, though these mods have caught only minimal popularity amongst players.Considered the game's "twitch" class, the Scout is commonly used for quick hit-and-run tactics against vulnerable opponents due to his very fast movement, thin physique, ability to jump while in mid-air, and powerful close-ranged shotgun (known as the Scattergun).Every map involved holding points, capturing briefcases or, (also new) pushing a Fat Man in a railroad cart into enemy territory.

That is because these play styles lend themselves coordination and team progress rather than individual achievement.

This convenience of positioning and exposure increases the chance that players will try to work together when they get back in the field, concerning themselves with a more dedicated push than individual struggles for victory (once again, the class synergies make teamwork a better option nearly always).

The effect is really more psychological than it is practical, but it is a conscious effort by the developers to get players to work together. The weapons in the game with splash damage are the Demoman's bombs, the Soldier's rockets, and the Pyro's flamethrower.

It is also commonly used for cross-promotions and pre-ordering bonuses with other video games, both with special weapons and cosmetic items.

The "Team" in Team Fortress 2 is there for a very good reason.

A splash damaging bomb meant the potential for an everyman's weapon, useful against any opponent and effectively leveling the playing field between classes.