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To be on the safe side open your Device Manager and look for the Hardware IDs of the "Asmedia 106x SATA Controller", which should be listed within the "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" section (right click onto the Controller "Hardware IDs".There you can see the exact Device ID of your on-board ASMedia 106x SATA Controller (DEV_0611 or DEV_0612).

updating asmedia asm106x firmware n0951-81updating asmedia asm106x firmware n0951-50

Then I was searching answers for why my boot is so slow while my friends are take about only 6~10 seconds.

After I google, I saw other people with the SAME problem and SATA controller, they solved that updating the As Media SATA Controller.

Regarding the Windows 8 issue, try UEFI 3010 (I'm fairly certain that the reason the Asmedia Op ROM was removed was compliance with Win8--taking an educated guess)..

The last UEFI versions (30) do not even have an option rom for the Asmedia controller, so don't bother unless you want to use an older UEFI version.

A SATA3 HDD (Seagate 2000DL003) is connected with one of the ASMedia SATA3 ports of my Z77 system. If you look at the v1504 bios of P8Z77V-PRO in MMTool Aptio, you can see the file name of Volume 02, index 53 is ASMedia1061.

The file name of Volume 02, index C7 is ASM1061Pei as well. Just to chip in here, I knwo you gents are discussing your Asus boards now, but on my Asrock Z77 Extreme4 I was able to successfully update the ASmedia OROM.

- Engaged in High Speed I/O solution and storage application development, ASMedia Technology is committed to enlarging product portfolio with introducing ASM 1092 and ASM 1092R SATA 6Gbps Port Multiplier products.

ASM1092 and ASM1092R is Serial ATA port multiplier controller, supporting one host ports and two device drives, enabling Serial ATA PHY up to 6Gbps high speed interface, following Serial ATA Revision 3.0 Specification, completely the free loading for the system CPU, using for SATA port expansion, not only for internal system but also for external storage application. General Features *Firmware downloadable by vender specific commands via SATA host port *FAN control support *Device plug-in detection capable *Selectable clock architecture with crystal mode or clock mode 30 MHz differential crystal or 30MHz single-end clock input *Integrated Core power switching regulator *Support 3.3V IO power supply and 1.2V Core power supply *Support SPI interface for external SPI ROM *Support Secondary SPI interface for specific customized application *Support I2C interface with both of master mode and slave mode *Support multiple GPIOs for LEDs and storage Power Control *Industry Specification Compliance: -Serial ATA Revision 3.0 Compliance -Serial PHY Electrical Specification Revision 1.1 *7mm X7nn 48-pin QFN package *Green Package with Ro Hs Compliance 2.

I was wondering if any Guru's knew how to update the firmware of the ASmedia SATA 6G controller that is on many of our z77 Boards ?

I presume the method is similar/identical to that which we use to update the INTEL OROM as discussed in this thread, by following Fernando's great instructions here However the device ID's will obviously be different.

In the end I just replaced both the "1b21,611" and "1b21,612" in CSMCORE with the latest version N0951 from station drivers.