Updating firmware on jailbroken iphone

There are a few reasons for this, one of which is that if you’re making a warranty claim it’s possible for Apple to tell that your device was jailbroken once some evidence of the jailbreak has been copied back to the freshly restored phone.If you’re not making warranty claims, you still might want to hold off creating a backup.SHSH blobs are in the process of being phased out in favour of the tougher-to-beat APTicket.

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This might not be a huge amount of data and pose little problem, or it might be a lot of temporary files that eats a good portion of your 16GB i Phone’s memory. Ever made a warranty claim for a phone you had previously jailbroken?

Every i Phone user would be happy to upgrade his or her device to a better and latest i OS.

Unless you’re making a warranty claim or passing the phone on to someone who can use it on the network it is locked to, you might as well keep an eye on the jailbreak scene to ensure you can still use your phone once you’ve upgraded and re-jailbroken.

This is probably why most people don’t bother jailbreaking, but that’s a whole other article!

To begin scanning your device for files, locate the "start" button and click. The scanning process will begin and when it is done, the results are displayed in the preview window.

In order to make navigation through files easier, they are organized based on file types.One way of potentially restoring your unlock is to save your SHSH blobs, which is what is used to authenticate your i Phone with Apple.This process is only possible using a downgrade, which can be a fairly difficult operation to complete (Apple authenticates all new software installs using their own servers).With such an app, you only require following the guidelines and you will successfully upgrade your jailbroken i Phone device to i OS 10. When you tap on this, a web page which is designed specifically for Pangu i OS 10 app will open. When the page has loaded, get to the bottom of your i Phone and click on the “up” arrow. A screen appears in which you need to choose Add to Home Screen. i Tunes is capable of extracting settings, messages, saved games, documents, camera roll, Home screen and app organization among others. In an event where you have lost your data, either due to restoration or any other problem that result in loss of data, you can easily retrieve as long as you have an internet connection.To get this upgrade, you are required to download a suitable app. Using Pangu jailbreak app, you can Upgrade Jailbroken i Phone to i OS 10 as outlined below. On your i Phone, launch Safari web browser with i OS 10 firmware running. i Tunes will take a backup of your device if you have sync with the i Tunes, which is disabled when the i Cloud backup is on. The prerequisite is that you have to ensure your device has enabled i Cloud backup. Tap the “Backup” located at the bottom of the i Phone screen, while doing these, you ensure that your i Cloud Backup has already turned on. At the bottom of your i Phone screen, tap on “Back up now”.You can either extract all files or just of your choice. When the file selection is complete, click on “Recover” button to make the process complete.